Spring Into Updates

Happy Spring! We have three updates for you -- a Covid update, a thank you, and a reminder.

First, this Covid pandemic is causing us a bit of whiplash lately. Just when we began to think about slowly loosening up on protocols, we got smacked back into reality. We had started to take a limited number of in-person appointments for a few cases which we thought warranted more intensive interaction. Then, earlier this month, we had a small outbreak amongst our staff. 

The good news is that nobody ended up hospitalized (thanks to getting our vaccines and boosters, no doubt). The other good news is few were involved. Everyone's recovering nicely, but it was a harsh reminder that we are not in charge -- the virus is in charge. 

Apparently, "lifted mandates" that infer an "all clear" are not the same as boots-on-the-ground reality. As such, we are back to being more careful and conservative. We're still suspending House Calls, and conducting appointments as dropoffs. In addition, for a little self care, we will be closed on Sundays during June. 

Secondly, we want to sincerely thank you for your response to our new cancellation policy. The response has been very positive, overall. We appreciate all the support and respect. Implementing a new policy like that is a little nerve wracking, but it did the trick. It's allowed us to accommodate more of your fellow community members. We are most grateful.

Finally, with spring comes an increase in mosquitos, which carries Heartworm. Consider this your friendly reminder to ensure heartworm prevention is up to date. If you are new to pet care or just want a refresher on the topic, see our helpful information page on Heartworm. The bottom line is: a little prevention makes all the difference.

Those are our three quick updates.  Enjoy the terrific weather and have a Happy Spring!