Pet Boarding - Be our guest!

We're here for the times they can't be with you. Just like your favorite hotel, reservations are needed. Early booking is recommended for major holidays. Cancellation fees will apply during high-demand periods.

Pets who are guests are cared for with our hospital patients, so we can keep a close eye on them while they are with us.

Animal care personnel take dogs out to our enclosed back yard three or more times during the day, and once again late in the evening. We check on our feline friends (meow!) frequently throughout the day and evening.

Everyone is provided with soft bedding (changed daily or whenever it is soiled). Each pet's appetite, attitude and elimination are monitored and recorded.

Our protocol for our visiting feline friends includes daily weigh-ins, and attention. Occasionally, we have boarders who don't welcome this, and exhibit anxiety when handled. We take great care to modify our protocols and routines in the interest of their experience here, unless medically necessary.

Doctors examine any guest experiencing problems, such as extreme anxiety, anorexia or diarrhea. Doctor-ordered treatments are given during the animal's stay.

You receive email updates throughout the stay and complimentary medication administration up to twice daily. All boarding is overseen by veterinary professionals with medical boarding available for special needs pets. Reasonable fees apply for additional administration of medication or other available services, such as individual playtime.

Luxury Boarding
Our newly expanded luxury boarding facility includes larger suites with deluxe bedding for the comfort of home away from home.