Spring Brings Change to Masking

Spring has sprung and with it new data, allowing us to change our masking policy from "masks required indoors" to "masks recommended indoors." This is progress; but we're also happy to accommodate those who are immunocompromised or just "not yet ready" by offering the same drop-off service we all used at the height of the pandemic.

Recently, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) announced updates to several state public health officer orders that have guided Californians on how to best protect themselves and their families throughout the pandemic. Moving forward, COVID-19 vaccines, testing and treatment will continue to be available through providers and some pharmacies; and you can still visit MyTurn to locate these services.

The CDPH guidance encourages indoor masking, and we concur. As such, we especially recommend using masks indoors if you're vulnerable, live with people who are vulnerable or suspect you might be feeling a little bit "off" yourself that day. Of course, if you have symptoms, you can always switch to a drop-off appointment, even same day.

After a long, wet winter, which started with our community facing a triple whammy of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), Covid and Flu, these updates are most welcome. 

Given all of the improvements to the numbers we see in the data, we think it's appropriate to move from indoor masking as a requirement to a recommendation. We hope enough people will stay current on vaccination to continue this path. That said, we recognize that health trends aren't like a light switch. We also recognize some folks may feel uncomfortable, and prefer to stay socially distant, or may face personal circumstances requiring they take extra care. And that's okay. We will continue to offer drop-off appointments to accommodate anyone. 

Still in all, we think it's a wonderful moment. We welcome it and welcome spring in all its glory.