Garage Door Upgrade

We will be closed on Friday, June 17th for a very exciting garage door upgrade. You may want to adjust plans for food or med orders, but it's also a good time for a few thoughts about the garage. 

"Go slow" usually goes without saying, but a couple of other helpful tips go a long way when it comes to leaving the garage. 

The first tip is: check the two displays for outside pedestrian, bike and car traffic. The displays (or TV monitors) let you see the sidewalk and street traffic before exiting the garage. From within the garage, when you stop your car at the Stop signs, the displays are positioned on each side of the exit at a height which should be comfortable for sedans and SUVs alike. That said, it's not a typical habit to look at the side of the door opening; the habit requires practice to develop. But try it: check the displays and see what's out there.

Second tip: also when you're at the Stop signs, if there's a lot of traffic, just hold that thought. Don't battle trying to get out in it. Just chill, because the typical street traffic consists of "waves" of very heavy traffic, punctuated by welcome breaks which are very low traffic. The low traffic part of the pulsing pattern is about as long as the high traffic part of the traffic pulse. This pattern is caused by the traffic lights on the corner. 

So, if you stop and there's traffic, sit back and relax for a bit, until the no-traffic time when you can exit in the leisurely, no-stress luxury that you deserve.

Those are our two helpful tips, but we also want to thank our wonderful client community for keeping animal safety in the garage top of mind. People do use the free leashes, and do transport cats in carriers, taking care to not open the car door without first securing the animal. It's pretty wonderful. You're pretty wonderful. Thank you!